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Welcome to SITREP's Work

Workbooks and journals to help support your employees’ mental well-being in (and out) of work.

The SITREP (situation report) format is familiar to many professions, from the Military to the Emergency Services. SITREPS WORK™  workbooks and journals use a unique, adapted version of this format to help SMEs tap into a tried and tested formula to help their teams track their emotions through everyday situations, minimising feelings of stress and overwhelm.


SITREP Journals

Supporting employees to improve or maintain their mental well-being is now a priority for every employer. Our SITREP Journals are a tool to record daily feelings – a proven method to support mental well-being.

They can also record situations that have caused stress which can be invaluable for establishing current practices in your business that need to be changed or improved. Remember: levels are relative. Early identification of stress triggers may alleviate undue mental trauma and even minimise the need for a leave of absence from work-related (or personal) stress.

Our journals provide four months of daily SITREP journalling space and come in a single colour of your choice with your company logo on the front cover.

SITREP Workbooks: Collaborate to Customise

Why not take that further and provide your employees with a SITREP Workbook? Make it a part of your induction/onboarding process so new employees feel supported and have relevant company info at their fingertips from day one.

Talk to our team about customising your workbooks to double as a company handbook and include things like:

  • your logo
  • your company profile
  • your mission statement
  • protocols, policies and procedures specific to your business
  • emergency contacts specific to your business
  • health & safety information
  • disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • email, internet and social media policies
  • flexible/hybrid working


The list is endless! Your workbook = your choices.

Remember, the information you include will be accessible to your employees daily when they use the workbook to double as a mental well-being journal, making it a truly valuable asset to them and you.


Our workbooks provide four months’ worth of daily journalling space with an additional 30 pages to add your customised staff information. This version is ideal if you want to save time and costs on a separate staff handbook – this option combines the two

Generic workbooks and journals

To test our theory that SITREP Works® workbooks and journals are a cost-effective way to support the mental well-being of your employees before investing in your customised version, why not order a few copies of our ‘test’ generic journal and try it for yourself for free? (T&Cs apply.)

We’re confident you will see the benefits you’ve tried them and will be banging down our door to order your customised version of the SITREP Workbook!

Regimental Notebooks


Your Regiment - Your Capbadge - Your NotebookHard cover or paperback click here to purchase on Amazon