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WRAC Capbadge

The ideal gift for a veteran of The Womens royal army corps (wrac):A high quality, matte-finish notebook in DPM paperback or hardcover.

Although women now serve alongside men in defending our country (and rightly so)! The Corps existed and does not detract from the pivotal role they carried wearing the capbadge of the WRAC.

“The Women’s Royal Army Corps (WRAC) was formed in 1949. It absorbed the remaining troops of the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), a wartime female force established to free up men for active service. The WRAC’s creation marked the first time that women were subject to all sections of the Army Act.

The corps eventually included all women serving in the Army except medical and veterinary orderlies, chaplains and nurses. It was common for women of the WRAC to serve with other Army regiments on long-term attachments, such as with the Royal Corps of Signals, but retaining their WRAC cap badge. This opened up more and more roles to women.”

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