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Royal Artillery Regimental notebook Capbadge

The ideal gift for a veteran of The royal artillery (Gunner)A high quality, matte-finish notebook in DPM paperback or hardcover.

The Royal Artillery – FIND, TRACK and STRIKE at range anywhere, in all weathers and at any time, in order to defeat the enemy.

Also known as the Gunners, the Royal Artillery are everywhere across the battlefield, providing the British Army with its eyes, ears and firepower. Using high-tech surveillance devices and un-crewed aircraft, we find the enemy and monitor them before striking decisively. We do this by co-ordinated use of our guns, rockets and missiles, the Army’s attack helicopters and other weapons, including fast jets, and even the guns of Royal Navy ships.

The author saw a car whilst serving in BATUS Canada. It had a red roof and on the boot were the words: “YOU YELL WE SHELL”. Amazeballs!

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